Mom life


Holy freekan hotness, I don’t mean my newly freckled face. I mean the weather we have had the last two days. 32 degrees at one point in West Lothian? …. WTF! Luckily I had yesterday off to get me some colour and freckles. Red colour. I had cream on I swear. Everyone’s in such a great mood when the suns out eh? People cutting about actually looking buzzing with life because it’s gorgeous outside.

At 0830 this morning it was already scorching, I had work which was fine, 1130 came and the managers were already handing out ice lollies !! – BEST JOB EVER. ‘Oh hey there, just sitting at my desk with a fab ice lolly’ Yum. Sprinkles everywhere…

I stupidly decided to wear my super extra skinny ‘squeeze your ass’ in jeans today (So I had to wear tiny pants so you don’t see the pants line) along with a padded bra as I have pancake boobs. All was well until I got to work and realised my real boob was smooshed out my bra as the padded bra was too small. Great. Just great. There I am cutting about with boobs going one way and my bra going the other. Just when I thought that was my only issue, my jeans were that tight that they were cutting in to my pants … causing FRICTION. My poor wee foof was on fire. After sitting on my foot at my desk for a little while my team and I decided it was acceptable to remove said pants… I wanted to sit in the sink. I never ..I swear! That’s better 😅

I was so proud of myself for handling work well in this heat and for only mentioning that Blair’s home tomorrow like 116 times today instead off 200, I treated myself to some little outfits from H&M. I so deserve it eh? Such a trooper. I couldn’t even try stuff on in the changing room as I had no pants on, there was no way I was standing in the skud with mirrors all around me whilst people were chatting outside the curtains.

Moving on.
I stupidly decided to take the sprogs with me to Tesco after dinner at my mums. (Cheers mum!) they were both covered in tomato pasta sauce, sticky from sun cream and just generally being little shits if I’m honest. There’s only so many times you can use the ‘oh their just tired’ ‘NO SUSAN …Your kids are little dicks’ Sorry…but someone had to say it. Tonight I was ‘Susan’ we made it out of Tesco with only a few looks, I had a dress on and pants by this time by the way. However a little draft would have been delightful in this heat.

I’m absolutely shattered, Scottish people are not used to this weather. My babies are sound a sleep, as much as they drive me nuts, I can’t imagine not wiping their snotty little noses and giving them snuggles every day. My little lambs ❤️


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