Thug life.

I’m not saying my kids a thug but he does wipe the odd child out regularly…on purpose. I used to say ‘blame the parents’ but I don’t know how I feel about that statement any more now that I have ‘that kid’.

I’m writing this as I sit in the soft play, enjoying a nice peaceful coffee – said no parent ever. My view from my table is great, to my right I have your stereotypical organic mother – looks like a farmer but probably eats as many take aways as me. Then there’s the polish family, I wish I knew polish, I love ease dropping at the best of times but in another language is just a whole new level of happiness. Oh what’s that’s noise you say? Yeah that’s probably Ollie close-lining kids.

Our plans for today are as follows:

1. Softplay – DONE!

2. Halloween fancy dress shopping

3. Hoover up anything thats not a couch or television unit.

4. Visit my wee gran, teach her how to use snapchat

5. Drink my 11th cup of coffee

My eyeballs are rattling, this is down to my daily caffeine intake. I honestly think if I was to stop drinking it I would be on the worlds biggest come down. It would also affect my work behaviour. For my little followers that don’t know me, I work for one of the biggest and best entertainment company’s in the WORLD. I love it. Talking is one of my favourite things to do along with handstands (which Dougs would probably encourage to be fair) and I get paid to do it…so yeah as I was saying, caffeine makes me type faster and walk to the canteen faster, why would I ever stop drinking it.


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